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AMS Computer System Service

Your AMS computer system is our primary service mission.  Committing to us for your current computer system purchases commits us to ensuring that your AMS computer provides years of satisfaction.  We believe that satisfaction will bring you back to purchase your next computer at Alert Micro Systems.  Over the years this has proven to be the case.

Our "beyond the box" perspective has demonstrated our face to face, direct relationships with our customers is significantly more important than any other reason for our mutual, continuing success. 


We repair all makes of AMS PC's.  We guarantee all service for AMS computers to meet your satisfaction.  We'll do whatever it takes to assist you in achieving total satisfaction with your AMS computer.  We have, and continue to  manufacture AMS PC's with readily available, industry standard, highly reliable components.  This minimizes your need for hardware service.

We can repair most makes of PC's with the ATX form factor. We can provide limited repair service for AMD based PC's, Apple, Sun, Compaq, IBM, HP, Dell, Gateway, and other proprietary systems.  The proprietary components used in these systems can prohibit us from providing timely and reasonably priced hardware repair.  We're happy to take a look at your non AMS computer; however, hardware service on your non-AMS computer is not guaranteed.  We expect to be paid at our current service rate whether or not we accomplish the needed repair.

The common practices by major manufacturers of not including original software on CD severely limits our ability to correct software issues.  Resolving non-AMS computer system software issues that arise from viruses, file system corruption, deleted required files, and similar problems may require loading software from so called "quick restore" CD's.  We do not, and we will not load your computer with software  not provided by you with original media. 


We upgrade all makes of AMS PC's. 

Upgrades for non-AMS computers is limited by proprietary design.  Usually, RAM, CPU's and drives are interchangeable between various manufacturers, but this capability is not universal.


We actively support Windows Servers, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10, and Sage 100 on AMS computers.  Warranty service provided by software manufacturer.